Coaching Webinars periodically offers subscription-based Coaching Webinars on certain marketing topics such as

  1. Social Media Marketing for Staff Members: how to select and collect material, how to slice it, how to write efficient status and tweet updates, how to use events on Facebook, how to use Google+, blog writing, article writing, press release writing.
  2. SEO: how to evaluate my current SEO status, how to improve my internal "on-site" SEO, how to improve my coding, how to develop metadata, how to research and select effective keywords.
  3. Video on Demand: how to use new outlets such as Roku, GoogleTV, Apple TV/iTunes, mobile devices; how to integrate video on my website, how to build a VOD archive, how to use YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing platforms for marketing, how to produce effective short-videos and promos for my website, how to integrate and use video on my Facebook Page and other social sites.
  4. Live Streaming: how to set up a live stream, how to select the right hardware, how to improve my picture quality, how to improve the streaming quality, how to reach more viewers, how to announce my upcoming live events with countdown, how to integrate my live streams on my website, how to integrate my live streams on my Facebook Page and other social sites, how to reach more viewers abroad. Coaching Webinars are held live by renowned media experts and social media specialists. They are free to clients with an active Service Package Subscription, according to the terms as described in the Scope of Service for each package. You can look up what's included in each Service Package in the product overview under "Packages".
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