To maximize your brand's impact online and your ROI, your Social Media Marketing, your use and integration of video and SEO should be supported by SEM - Search Engine Marketing. Lightcast has developed an unique "Marketing Booster System", which accelerates the build-up of growth-momentum through the simultanous use of all 5 Webmarketing techniques:

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Video Marketing
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Search Engine Marketing
5. Online Ads

Google AdWords campaigning falls into category 4 - the "Search Engine Marketing". Google allows you to purchase "sponsored links" in search results according to certain target definition and keywords (search terms). The advertiser pays per click - meaning every time a user clicks on your sponsored "ad link" in a Google search result. The cost per click ("CPC") is defined by an automated "bidding system" and depends on the number of advertisers who purchase sponsored ad links on the same keywords. creates an advertiser account for you with Google and develops and manages your Google AdWords campaigns. You don't have to spend huge amounts on campaign management and the purchase of clicks. can help you save money and get more out of your investment.

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