Live Encoder Coaching

The "Lightcaster" hardware encoder is mandatory for Multi-Campus Delivery and highly beneficial to anyone who wants to stream live at high and multiple bitrates and for everyone who wants a completely "hands-off" outsourced solution for live-encoding.

The "Lightcaster" hardware encoder comes in 3 different outfits with or without SDI and HD-SDI and monthly leasing rates range from $275 to $475 including remote management and support contract. The "Lightcasters" are delivered by UPS and you simply plug them in and start streaming with multiple bandwidths, backup-stream, multiple CDN access points for added redundancy and full compatibility to all stationary and mobile devices. The "Lightcasters" are service and managed remotely by the Lightcast engineer force.

Our affordable Encoders are scalable to your requirements with the:

  • LightcasterSD (With USB and FireWire interface)
  • LightcasterHD (With USB, FireWire, HDMI and SD-SDI interface)
  • LightcasterXD (With USB, FireWire, HDMI and HD-SDI interface)