SHARON HEAVENER - Subscription Terms

By subscribing to “SHARON HEAVENER”, also referred to as the “Publisher”, the subscriber, also referred to as “Member”, hereby enters into a subscription service agreement with SHARON HEAVENER. The subscription, also referred to as “Membership”, entitles to the services listed on this page and to the premium content of “SHARON HEAVENER”, exclusive to subscribers. Until cancelled, the monthly membership fee will automatically be charged to the provided credit card each month. Therefore a working, active and sufficiently funded credit card is required to sustain membership privileges.

Credit card details can be updated and memberships can be cancelled through the online forms on

SHARON HEAVENER reserves all rights to deny or deactivate a membership. The subscriber hereby agrees not to abuse its membership privileges, access to media and exclusive events for unlawful purposes, copyright infringing acts or to discredit SHARON HEAVENER or its featured products and brands. Members honor a code of courteous conduct in the spirit of sharing a common passion for the content and brands of products featured by SHARON HEAVENER.

Contact details of subscribers will not be shared with third-parties, except with the Publisher whose contents the subscriber subscribed to.