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Legacy Preservation

call-back specializes in Legacy Preservation for major personalities, such as religious or political leaders.

There is a distinct group of public speakers, ministers, authors, television personalities and public figures whose teachings, words, scripts, books and recordings are invaluable.
Such media content is meant to survive its authors and to be preserved for generations to come

Legacy Preservation01Lightcast provides end-to-end projects management and provides a discrete and sensitive peer-level customer care the operations of public figures requires.

The range of service of a Legacy Preservation Project handled by Lightcast includes:

  1. Planning, Project Management
  2. Capturing/Digitization of media files from all tape formatsLegacy Preservation02
  3. High-security data migration
  4. Off-site data-storage
  5. Access management for family members
  6. Backup & redundancy service
  7. Global CDN Service
  8. Integration
  9. Web Development
  10. Marketing


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