What Clients Say About Lightcast.com

Testimonies from Lightcast.com Clients and their experiences with our products and services:

"What really sets Lightcast apart is the level of service and the strategic recommendations they provide. I've worked with a lot of technology vendors, but it's rare to find a real business partner - one with sound advice, great technology, and fantastic service. As we continue to grow we've relied on our team at Lightcast for strategic advice, tech recommendations, or even just to vet ideas."

-Alistair Potts, CEO, FoodyTV, New York

"We launched our new VOD service choosing to partner with Lightcast for development because of their turn-key approach and full OVP product offering. Whilst we’ve been broadcasting for more than 18 years, we were new to the on-demand business and Lightcast have provided for us a good entry point into this market. Lightcast assisted us with the development of native App development making ACCTV available to more viewers than ever before.

We’re based in Australia and we're also particularly impressed with the Lightcast CDN. Quality of Service is of great interest to us, and our viewers enjoy a great service thanks to the back end services we’re provided. ACCTV is a values-based family entertainment platform and we’ve been particularly impressed with the sensitivity the Lightcast team have to our niche of broadcasting. In short, they get us."

-Stuart Harris, CEO, ACCTV, Australia

"My company, WWN, Inc., re-entered the streaming industry in 2011 and for the first couple of years we were limited to the features that our former developer & CDN had available. Our growth was stifled due to third party limitations. In 2014 we made the difficult decision to transition our entire online business platform to Lightcast and haven’t looked back. Their developers & CDN are second to none. We currently offer a Roku App, an Amazon Fire TV App, an Apple TV App, an Android TV App, and a Facebook App, as well as a monthly subscription service, all through Lightcast. Moving to Lightcast was the best decision that we have made as a company and have experienced record revenues year-after-year because of it. The professionals at Lightcast are the most experienced, knowledgeable, and proactive in the industry bar none and I couldn’t recommend them any higher."

-Sal Hamaoui, President & CEO, WWN, Inc., USA

"In early 2019, I determined the time had come to offer my growing viewership more options for accessing my narrated news and political commentary. As an independent content creator, the prospect of making the move to TV apps was overwhelming. But once I decided on Lighcast's services, they quickly took care of everything. From developing my apps, launching my channels on multiple platforms and promptly responding to questions, the team at Lightcast have proven themselves to be professional and highly efficient. My only regret is that I waited so long to make my move."

-Nancy Morgan Hart, Founder & CEO, Headlines with a Voice

"The Lightcast customer service team provides excellent customer service. They've been helpful to me every step of the way. It's been clear to me that they are always willing to go the extra mile. They are prompt, thorough, and professional."

-Monica Schmelter, General Manager, WHTN Christian Television Network
Our nonprofit has been with Lightcast for several years. We have found their customer service reps and tech support second to none.
They always respond to our questions or concerns in a friendly expedient manner. Their support team provides us with a well written and detailed response, often
going beyond the scope of the question, as to cover all the bases. Many thanks to a great organization!

-Donn Beagle, The Carter Report
"Our experience dealing with Lightcast and their incredible team of staff are by far the best I have ever experienced. The staff is very professional in handling and managing almost any inquiries pertaining to online media platforms and marketing. When we started out with our TV Network we didn't know too much on how to set up, but Lightcast changed that within a couple months. Today we are fully functional as a TV Network and already reaching hundreds of people simply because of the experience of Lightcast staff and their incredible and affordable services.
Thank you Lightcast for all you do and a big shout out to Kevin at Lightcast. You are an amazing person, you walked with us through out the process of developing our Network and you continue to make yourself available to us when we have questions."
Thank you for a company that cares about the needs of their customers. I strongly recommend Lightcast for all your media needs. Trust me, you will never be disappointed.
-Dr. Kazumba Charles Th.,D., CEO, KITV Network, Ontario
"The Lightcast team was instrumental in guiding us through this new technology. The tech support was very responsive to our inquiries whenever we had a question or problem."
-Lyn Sullivan, Afrokids TV Channel, California

“Lightcast has been very helpful in organizing and promoting by delivering our videos and audio recordings to a large audience through different channels.”

-Aimee Cabo Nikolov, Author, Love is the Answer God is the Cure

"As a small ministry team with a global mandate, it made complete sense that it was time to expand, and Lightcast.com was clearly the answer. Their staff are professional, caring, intuitive, most definitely well versed in technology, growth development, and services delivered in a spirit of excellence. WE are super excited about this journey, and VOD platform to make greater IMPACT globally!

Thank you Lightcast!"

-Cristina Cain, The Prophetic Pulse, Massachusetts

„Lightcast has been very helpful in developing our social media presence with strategic tools and a stunning, multi-functional Facebook page. The work process and customer support was really great and Lightcast featured our image films in full HD on Roku's Yachting Channel. The video quality of our media streaming from the Lightcast CDN is HD TV quality.”

-Jurjen van't Verlaat, Royal Huisman Shipyard BV, Public Relations, Vollenhove/Holland

„I just finished a customer and technical service phone call with Lightcast.com, and I am thoroughly impressed with their ability to communicate and relate to me. I genuinely sensed their care and how they truly wanted to make sure my questions were answered and that I felt confident moving forward. This is a rare quality that they have and why I am so happy about my recent move to Lightcast.com from another company.”

-Will Chapman, Media Outreach Minister, Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, TX

„Since our church started using Lightcast for our video hosting services we have seen an enormous increase in traffic for our online sermons and other videos. I strongly believe this is because of the quality we have through Lightcast as well as the 12 encodes Lightcast creates for every video. Having 12 encodes significantly decreases the chance of our audience get frustrated and eventually not watching our sermon or video because it would not play. We now average over 3,000 views a day and have hit over half a million views in this year alone. We are very pleased with the services Lightcast has provided to us that have allowed us to reach thousands of people and helped us continue to reach our goal of Making Heaven More Crowded.”

-Adam Rowe, Media Director, Red Rocks Church, Denver, CO

"We have worked with other major CDNs and faith-based media companies over many years, but we have to say, that discovering Lightcast.com was a big game-changer for us. Their level of service, robustness and reliability, as well as cost-efficiency is incomparable to all other CDNs and video hosting providers we looked at. Moving to Lightcast was a very easy and smooth process. They did all the heavy lifting work for us anyways. Lightcast now delivers our 24/7 IP TV Streams and VOD archives, integrated on our websites, Facebook Page and Roku App, through the high-performance LightcastCDN. Lightcast also developed a stunning Facebook Media App and our Roku Channel for us in a timely and very cost-efficient manner. The work-flow is hassle-free and smooth and their customer support is super-responsive and "off the charts"! Lightcast is a video streamers dream come true."

-Mike-Angello Davis, PFM Family TV, Media Director, Saint Catherine/Jamaica

„We are able to broadcast Good News for the Last Days because Lightcast makes our 24/7 channel possible. Thank you, Lightcast, for being on the cutting edge and pioneering technology for us.”

-Christine Darg, co-founder of www.jerusalemchannel.tv

„When seeking for ways to extend our reach in Europe, Lightcast and its Media Group have helped us translating our TV Show „Enjoying Everyday Life“ into new languages, acquiring broadcast time on foreign Television Networks and hosted and distributed our media content online to new viewers.”

-David Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Fenton/MO

„We knew God was prompting us to extend our reach around the world through media, but with our small headquarters staff we couldn't do more than we were already doing. We had the help of a media consultant who was competent, but hard to reach, and very expensive. Then we met some of the Lightcast team. Immediately, they showed a heart understanding of our ministry, and have become hugely important "virtual members" of our Communications team. We know of no better or easier way to stay current with media opportunities and reach global viewers than to partner with the experts at Lightcast. We have barely begun to activate all the avenues for communication in our Lightcast package, and yet our video viewership is up more than 600%!! Choosing a Lightcast media package to extend your reach is one of the best Kingdom decisions you can ever make.”

-Headquarters Staff at NAMS, Pioneering. Global. CHURCH PLANTERS. Since 1994 www.NAMSnetwork.com

"As Vienna Christian Center we have been working with Lightcast for a number of years and I must say this was a very pleasant experience. There is a lot of professional competence paired with a heart for the excellence and authenticity of the presentation of a client. The support is excellent, very prompt and always right on target, let alone the performance of the system is really trustworthy. One of the positive impression about working with Lightcast is, that you feel understood as a "Human" in all your concerns and not just as a "client". All in all I must say we are very satisfied with all the services we use and can only recommend Lightcast to everybody who is looking for a good, strong and reliable partner!”

-Pastor Gerhard Kisslinger - Vienna Christian Center

"Lightcast and their superior team and service is remarkable. After we had researched the competition and weighed our options to launch our channels, there was no other company who surpassed the quality, pricing and customer service as Lightcast. We were never disappointed; on the contrary, they truly do care about each of us who wisely chose them. They are on top of everything. They took our new channels and got them on multiple platforms seamlessly, and our channels continue to stream effortlessly with lightening fast speed. We can update the content online easily, and the content gets on all the apps in our growing new-media network with just a click. Meanwhile they stand-by at our beckoned call should we ever have the slightest question. Lightcast launched our channels with precision and integrity, and soon the Jesus Channel and the Messiah Channel was exceeding our expectations of viewership. Now we are expanding our media reach to more platforms and apps, and are adding a fourth channel in our growing streaming TV network through Lightcast."

-Bobbie Stone - founder TriStone Studios: The Jesus Channel, Messiah TV Ministries.