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With Lightcast, you get the best live TV streaming services that allow you to capture more viewers, more leads, and more revenue! You can publish all your live stream events and linear live streams to your websites, media campus, mobile apps, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Roku Channel, FireTV App, AppleTV, and other OTT publishing properties at the same time - with one click. All of this is possible with Lightcast's Media Cloud, the award-winning, best live streaming platform available today.

With our live streaming software, you can broadcast live stream events and linear live streams - from any location, any encoder. Use any bitrate, any resolution and stream to any device, screen, player and platform.

Your Live Stream Events on EVERY Screen!

Lightcast provides a variety of live streaming solutions that allow you to stream your live stream events from any location on the planet: from any auditorium, any sports venue, classroom, street, square or location.

1. Configure your live streaming encoder with our step-by-step manual, or download our recommended live streaming encoder software.

2. Schedule a live stream test with our live streaming encoder coaches. will test your live stream on all major devices and provide your encoder engineers with valuable feedback on optimization opportunities.

3. Create a Live Event in your Lightcast Media Cloud Account, configure and embed your Lightcast Live Player, or use a third-party player of your choice.

4. Ask to connect your live stream to all of your publishing properties including your websites, online media campus, mobile apps, OTT / ConnectedTV Apps and social accounts.

5. ...and voilá! Your live stream is live everywhere - on every platform and every screen!

Your Linear Live Streams on EVERY Screen! Clients have access to a variety of Lightcast OVP Tools to create and deliver linear (24/7) live streams to all devices and screens.

Option 1: Ingest your own linear (24/7) live stream to any of our CDN SuperPOPs and have it delivered to all your publishing properties: websites, mobile apps, TV Apps and social platforms. No matter the source: whether ingesting an existing satelite or cable channel, or connecting your playout system - you are in control of bitrate qualities and ad-breaks.

Option 2:'s innovative "VOD-to-LIVE" product: let auto-populate linear (24/7) live streams from your uploaded on-demand archives straight from VOD playlists.

Option 3:'s innovative "Cloud Scheduler & Playout System": drag and drop your uploaded on-demand assets into a schedule grid and use our intuitive interface to auto-fill scheduled ad-breaks with your ads.

All your linear live streams will be delivered through our bitrate-adaptive, high-performance CDN with 72 delivery POPs worldwide - publishing your live stream on any platform and device of your choice.

Your Live Streams on EVERY Platform!

With Lightcast's live streaming software, you can instantly publish live stream events and linear live streams to all platforms!

1. Websites: embed our customizable live-players, use your own player or build dynamic content with the LightcastAPI on your websites.

2. Mobile: embed our responsive and device adaptive live-players or integrate your live stream events and linear live streams in your mobile apps.

3. OTT / ConnectedTV: integrate your live stream events and linear live streams into your TV Apps, or let us do it for you.

4. Social Platforms: instantly publish your live stream events to Facebook Live, Facebook App or YouTube Live to capture additional viewers.

5. Online Media Campus: use your own, or take advantage of Lightcast's complimentary live-stream campus in your custom branding.

Live Streaming Encoder - Your Choice!

Use our official partner Wirecast - leader in software-based live streaming encoders, ask our Streaming Media Consultants about recommended hardware encoders, or simply use the live streaming encoder you have been using before.

Just point your live encoder to one of our many SuperPOPs (our high-efficient access points), add the secure stream-key and - you're LIVE! In any bitrate and resolution you want. Control your bitrates straight from your live encoder and just watch your live-audience multiple overnight as we publish your live streams to all your websites, apps and platforms of your choice. Publishers have access to complimentary live streaming encoder coaching and testing.

The higher the resolution of live streams - the more critical transcoding & number of delivery nodes become.

4K & TV Quality Live Streaming Services

In order not to lose viewers, all 4K content needs to be optimized for fast loadability.

At the same time, viewers who are unable to load or sustain a 4K version without re-buffering need to be able to load lower bitrate versions of the stream.

Multi-bitrate delivery via global CDNs is critical in order to build and sustain growing viewerships.

Turnkey Multi-Platform Live Streaming Solutions

Launch and Expand Beautiful Native TV Apps, Mobile Apps & WebApps.

Build & Control your Navigation Structures with Categories, Channels, Series in Real-Time.
Control Graphics, Metadata, Branding. Customize and Expand Continuously.

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Full control over your live stream viewership: views, device, location, channel, media type, everything.


MOBILE & TV APP DESIGN - Your Brand, Your Graphics

We create stunning Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Mobile, & other apps in your own custom branding.



Monetize live streams and your growing viewership using subscriptions, pay per view events, ads, and more.


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