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Multi-Campus Delivery

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Lightcast's Multi-Campus-Delivery product is a reliable Campus-to-Campus live-streaming system with remote controlled hardware and software encoders, streaming HD livestreams to an unlimited number of Campuses from your main broadcast location.

Multi Campus Delivery

It is the ideal solution for churches and multi-location businesses with solid hardware encoders and decoders for your broadcast and receiving locations with all the "bells and whistles" of professional broadcast gear.

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Our affordable Encoders are scalable to your requirements with the "LightcasterSD" (With USB and FireWire interface), "LightcasterHD" (With USB, FireWire, HDMI and SD-SDI interface) and "LightcasterXD" (With USB, FireWire, HDMI and HD-SDI interface)


From regular USB and HDMI to HD/SDI and optical SDI interfaces, Lightcast's live-encoders and decoders provides the power you need to deliver lossless HD video to all your campuses in real time or with a controlled delay via live-DVR

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Add as many encoders (broadcast locations) and decoders (receiving locations) as you like


Turn any receiving location into a broadcast location


Delivery via Lightcast's worldwide 22-node CDN gives you all the redundancy and reliability you need

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No work on your end required. Simply plug and play - all our encoders are monitored and serviced by Lightcast 24/7


Integrate the live-stream on your website or online campus, Facebook page, mobile apps and SmartTV outlets (your Roku Channel, Android SmartTV Apps, etc...) and monitor and manage your live-streams and broadcast outlets through your Lightcast Media Control Center

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