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Online Media Campus

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This is your free Lightcast Media Campus
- the most advanced online media campus:

  • Your VOD archive (automatically switches to the Live-Player during live events)
  • Your Livestreams
  • online_media_campus02Adaptive Event Count-Down
  • Live-Chat
  • Facebook Commenting
  • Your Facebook Feed (automatically switches to the Live-Chat during live events)
  • Online Donation (1-step donation directly next to the video screen - no linking to 3rd party tools)
  • PDF Viewer (to upload your notes, scripts, outlines and images)
  • online_media_campus03Bible Reference Tool (for your viewers to read along and take their own notes)
  • Easy Banner exchange (to advertise for your products, events, websites and services)
  • Mobile Version (built-in device detection pulls the version that fits your viewers' screen resolutions)
  • Bitrate Adaptive VOD Players
  • Customizable Design


And the best of all: free set up, hosting and media integration - Lightcast helps you to "hit the road running"!

Contact our Lightcast Care Team to inquire on your free award-winning Lightcast Media Campus.

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