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Increase your reach and build new viewerships on Apple TV. is a leader in Apple TV App Development and has been a top Apple TV Developer for many years. With over 1,000 Apple TV Channels built and launched, is one of the largest Apple TV Developers for Apple TV and has developed the most intuitive and smooth build process of Apple TV Apps.

We have just the right fit for your budget, requirements and goals. Just let us know what you are looking for and consider it done! offers three types of Apple TV Development Services:

1. Custom Apple TV Development: send us your requirements and spec sheets and we will send you a quote.

2. SDK Based Apple TV Development - Purchased: cost-efficient solution based on customized templates.

3. SDK Based Apple TV Development - Leased: lease at a monthly fee instead of paying for development up front.

More Viewership to you!

The main reason for having your own, branded Apple TV App in the App Store is simply to extend your reach and grow your viewership further.

With the release of the new Apple TV platform in fall of 2015, Apple TV is now open to media publishers to publish streaming media content to new Apple TV devices through their own media streaming apps.

Since the opening of its Apple TV App Store to publishers it is rapidly growing to a leading OTT / ConnectedTV platform and consumer favorite choice in streaming players.

This poses new viewership-growth and revenue-growth opportunities for media publishers. Please inquire with our Streaming Media Consultants on launching your own Apple TV Apps.

The history of Apple TV = The history Of OTT

Apple release the first Apple TV set-top-box years ahead of the OTT / ConnectedTV revolution back in 2007, making it the oldest "set-top-box" or "streaming player" on the market. At that time its steep price point and limited access to content made it a very elite product, utilized by Apple fans and professional users.

Apple took the idea from the 90s - of a "set-top-box" connected to TVs in order to bring "internet capabilities" to the TV screen and rolled it out as a refined consumer device.

But it took the market, consumer internet speeds, improvement of WiFi technologies, app developers and content providers 5 more years to grow the demands for ConnectedTV devices beyond a small, tech-elite.

Only with the rise of the OTT revolution, pushed forward by pioneers like Yahoo ConnectedTV and set-top-boxes like Roku, did consumer markets ripen to what they are today, forcing OVPs, TV app developers and content producers to react and respond.

Turnkey Multi-Platform OTT Solution

Launch and Expand Beautiful Native TV Apps, Mobile Apps & WebApps.

Build & Control your Navigation Structures with Categories, Channels, Series in Real-Time.
Control Graphics, Metadata, Branding. Customize and Expand Continuously.

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Full control over your viewership: views, device, location, channel, media type, everything.


APPLE TV APP DESIGN - Your Brand, Your Graphics

Leverage the most advanced app framework and create stunning Roku Apps in your own custom branding.


APPLE TV MONETIZATION - Ads, Subscriptions, PPV, Products, Sponsors

Monetize your growing viewership with multiple revenue streams, using the largest variety of tools on the market.


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