Featured Clients

At Lightcast.com we love our clients and value personal relationship and trust.

Lightcast.com is utilized by thousands of businesses and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. We are only able to name a few on this page, including:

9th now
City of West Hollywood
Gateway Church
Amazon Prime
Advanced Sports Media
Deluxe Media
Christ for all Nations
Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation
Truth for Life
Alienate Vision
Celebration TV Network
In Touch Ministries
ICCM Theater
Inner City Medicine TV
Financial Issues
Faith Broadcasting Network
LATV Networks
Calvary FL
GCN Broadcasting
World Changers Church
Alcance Television
Aberdeen Broadcast Services
The Jesus Channel
SCD Real Estate Consulting
Inventories International
Foody TV
Living on the Edge
Amazing Discoveries
Green Mango Media
TaxVantage Consulting
Genuine Journey Media
Anchor itv
Frazer UMC
The Carter Report
EBPS of Florida
A & O Media Group
MOV! with Art Walk
Hope Media Group
Global Maximum Productions
Alpha Youth
City First Church
House of David
Speak the Word Church International
Veterans Care Foundation
Geolink Resource Consultants
Total Living Network
Breath of Life Ministries
Vickie Chupurdia
Crown of Life Media Production
New Breed
Through the Bible with Les Feldick
Don Clowers Ministries
Loud Cry Radio
Founders League
Abba's House
New Hope Ministries International
Lord of Hosts Church
SAGE Ministries
International Church of Las Vegas
The 700 Club
Celebration Church
The Inspiration Network, INSP
Eagles' Wings, Robert Stearns
Perini Navi Group
Drucker Society
TD Jakes Ministries
OEBB, Austrian National Railway Company
Life On The Way
The Brick Show
Joel Osteen Ministries
Creating Saver Havens
Discover the Truth
Christian Broadcasting Network
Global Day of Worship
Capital Window
Word of Life
World Tour Golf
Red Rocks Church
Reigning in Life
Christian Angel Capital Network
Alpha Course
Grace Chapel
Doug Addison
Keys to Kingdom Living
World Harvest Church
Mastering Life Ministries
Rich Vera
Stonewater Church
Pure Passion
Kingdom Broadcasting Network
The Refuge
Budget Website Solutions
My God Space
The Yachting Channel
Andrew Wommack Ministries
The Jerusalem Channel
Christian Television Association
Revival Fires
St. Mary's
Vienna Christian Center
Living Word Family Church
Victory World
Saddleback Church
Beth Adonai
First Baptist Trussville
Hal Brady Ministries
Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church
Jewish Voice
Oxford Bible Church
The Power of Faith
Transforming Truth
Royal Huisman
The Apologetics Group
Fraternite Notre Dame TV
Love Israel
Angel TV
New Hope Today
Church on the Way
Rosetta Bryson
Gracepoint Church
VCC Jesus Zentrum
Quest Community Church
Adeys TV
Immaculate TV
Cottonwood Creek Church
Cannella Response TV
...and many, many more...

Lightcast has the privilege to serve churches and not-for-profit organizations from all denominations and church networks including:

Anglican, Assemblies of God, Church of God, Catholic, First Baptist, Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Messianic, Vineyard, Calvary Chapel and numerous non-denominational networks and independent ministries.