Media Campus FAQs

I would like to get in touch with the people I see on the screen. Who is creating the content on this media site?

The live-streams and video libraries are provided by the operator of this Media Campus. You will find the logo of the operator's organization in the upper left corner. You can get in touch with the organization by using the contact form or prayer request form, by typing a message into the Live-Chat during an ongoing live-broadcast, or by posting a comment on the operator's Facebook feed.

The audio volume is too low. I can't hear the audio very well. What can I do?

1. Increase the audio-level on the Live Streaming Player, by moving your mouse over the Live Streaming Player which will make the controls visible at the bottom of the player, including the volume control. Please make sure that you your player isn't accidently muted and the the loud speaker symbol does not display an "X". Please click on the loud speaker symbol to activate or deactivate the muting function.

2. Increase the audio-level of your computer. Depending on the device and operating system you are using, there are different areas in your operating system, as well as on the hardware device or attached loudspeakers which allow you to adjust the audio level. Please refer to the tutorials of your operating system, PC, laptop or mobile device, or to the manual of your attached loudspeakers.

3. Please contact the operator of the Media Campus by adding a message into the Live-Chat. You could ask their audio engineers to turn up the audio-level of the live stream. Sometimes the engineers, camera operators or encoder operators may be unaware of the level of the audio-signal fed into the encoder at the event-location. In addition different settings in the encoder can influence the audio-level as well. Here is an example of what you could type (or copy and paste) into the Live-Chat: "I have turned the audio on my computer and the volume on the player to maximum, but the audio-level is still too low. Please turn up the volume on the mixer console or on the encoder." That way you may be able to help the local tech-crew in creasing the audio-level.

How can I type a message into the Live-Chat? How do I use the Live-Chat? Do I have to log in somewhere?

To type a message into the Live Chat, please click on the tab called "Chat" next to the video player. Enter a Username, and click "Login". You can type in a message at the very bottom into the "Your Message" field and click "enter" on your keyboard.

Please understand that if there is no active live stream, the operator of the Media Campus might not be available to answer your chat message. The purpose of the chat feature is to answer any questions during a live broadcast.

How can I switch back to the video on demand archive during a live stream?

You can switch back to the VOD archive by clicking on the "Back to VOD" button above the Live Streaming Player.

I switched back to the video on demand archive during a live-stream. How can I switch back to the live-stream?

You can switch back to the live stream by clicking on the "Switch to LIVE" button above the Video Player.

I am not satisfied with the quality of the live-stream. It's breaking up all the time. What can I do?

There could be a variety of reasons:

1. The operator may be sending a bitrate (streaming quality) which is too high for your available bandwidth at the location you are viewing from. If your internet service provider (ISP) doesn't provide you with enough bandwidth, then your computer will continuously try to load the stream without success. You could ask the operator of the live stream to provide a stream with a lower bitrate.

2. The operator's upload bandwidth at the streaming location may not be sufficient for the bitrate he is attempting to stream. This can cause temporary or continuous "blackouts" of image and/or audio.

3. Your CPU may be overloaded. Please close all other applications - even the ones running in the background. There may be applications on your computer, such as virus scanners or certain activities of the operating system, which may be running in the background and drain your CPUs capacity. The same goes for other websites open in additional browser tabs or windows. Keep in mind that video viewing requires the majority of your computer's CPU (processor) power. Close all other websites if necessary.


1. If the operator of the Media Campus may be providing multiple bitrate streams in which case you can select a lower quality stream at the top of the player. If you don't see green buttons for Low, Medium and High quality streams at the top of the player, then the operator is only providing a single bitrate.

I'm trying to watch the live stream but for some reason it's not working. What can be the reason and what can I do?

It can have several reasons why the live stream is not working:

1. The live stream provider doesn't offer a live stream at the time you tried to watch their stream.

2. The live stream provider has a technical issue with their broadcast and they are trying to fix the problem.

3. If you have problems watching the live stream on a mobile device, it could be that the live stream provider doesn't offer mobile streaming.
This means you can only watch the live stream via a computer.

4. There is an issue with your internet connection (you are disconnected or it's too slow to watch the stream)


1. Make sure that there is a live stream scheduled by checking the live countdown on top of the page, or by contacting the live stream provider.

2. If the operator of the live stream offers a live chat with a live agent, a phone number or an email address, you can get in touch with them and ask,
what the problem could be.

3. Check your internet connection and see, if you have a working connection.

What happens when the live count-down is down to "0"?

When the live count-down hits zero, the Video-On-Demand library will automatically be replaced with the live-stream. Please wait a few moments while the live-stream loads.

I have been waiting several minutes for the live-stream to load, but I still see the circling loading indicator and no video feed

There could be several reasons:

1. The operator has not started to stream yet. Please keep in mind that the count-down is set to a programmed event time which triggers a loading-attempt of the live-stream. This doesn't mean that a live-stream is actually being broadcasted at the given time. Please contact the operator of this Website through the live-chat. The broadcast may not have started yet.

2. The Live Player in the Media Campus was unable to connect to the stream automatically. Please refresh the browser page (through the controls of your browser) and give it a few moment to try to connect to the stream. In rare cases quitting and re-opening the browser may solve the problem, should applications on other websites you may have open in other browser tabs, interfere with the live-stream. Please make sure to close other browser pages if necessary.

Who receives my prayer requests?

You prayer requests will be sent diectly to the operator of the Media Campus. All your prayer requests are handled with confidentiality.

Do I receive an invoice when I make a donation?

If the owner of the Media Campus is using Lightcast EasyPay as their payment provider for donations, you receive an invoice with your full donation amount which is stored in your EasyPay account. The Lightcast Easypay account is automatically created with your first EasyPay payment. You should have received an email from with your Username and Password. Please also chack your SPAM folder. To download and print your invoice, please login to your EasyPay account and switch to "Invoices". You will receive an email with a link from for each donation receipt. More information on Lightcast EasyPay at

If the owner of the Media Campus is using a different payment provider than Lightcast EasyPay for donations, please ask the owner of the Media Campus if you are receiving invoices.