Enter, Store and Publish Metadata

Once video files have been transferred to Lightcast individually, via Lightcast’s web uploaders, or in bulks, via web uploaders or to the publisher’s dedicated FTP Account, files automatically run through Lightcast’s Premium Transcoding, outputting twelve renditions of different formats and bitrates.

Now each video file receives its associated metadata, intuitively entered in the publisher’s Lightcast OVP Account and securely stored on the CDN, with backups auto-generated and stored on Lightcast Origin Storage SuperPOPs.

Types of Metadata

The metadata includes video titles, descriptions, keywords, cloud-generated and selected thumbnails, uploaded custom artwork/graphic files, associated subtitle files, watermark rendering settings.

All metadata can be added during the upload via Lightcast’s web uploaders, or retroactively after uploads are completed. In the same way, all metadata can be modified at any given time, even after a video file has already been published. The modification of metadata remains open for each file at all times.