Mobile App Development

With, you have many options to deliver your media content and live streams to Mobile Devices:

1. You can take advantage of the Mobile Video Website:

The Mobile Video Website is a website optimized for all mobile devices, featuring a VOD Channel of your choice - stored on and delivered by the Lightcast Video Server Technology. The Mobile Video Website consists of a video menu, allowing the viewers to browse through your video content and play it back on any mobile device. Your Mobile Video Website works on iPhone, iPad und Android Smart Phones.

2. You can have develop a custom Mobile Website for you with video integration:

Take your website to the next level and make it available on any mobile device and tablet of your choice.

3. You can have develop a custom Mobile App for iOS and Android:

Our experienced Mobile App designers and developers will be glad to take over your project and create a world-class mobile app for you - with the speed of light! Send us your requirements and we will make it happen. You can use our standard templates and SDKs for cost- and time-efficient development, or we can build an entire customized mobile app for you. Its your decision!

4. You can integrate all video content from the server network in your existing mobile app.

The choice is yours. One way or the other: your video content can be made available to mobile devices from "day-one", at no additional charge. One of many advantages of being a customer!

We look forward to hearing about your mobile project and explore together how we can be of service! Contact us or request a callback from one of our Media Consultants.