Google TV App Development

Similar to Roku, Google TV can be regarded another broadcast outlet, as it takes your content into the homes and offices of millions of additional viewers. Google TV is an online video navigation software featuring apps and channels filled with on demand video content and live streams.

This popular online video navigation platform comes pre-installed on TV-screens, blueray players, gaming consoles and set-top boxes of major brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Logitech and many others.

Say hello to another few million potential viewers.Custom Google TV Apps can be ordered at a discount as an add-on to any Video Service Package.

Here is a list of selected devices which make Google TV Apps available through the Google Playstore:

NeoTv Prime [NeoT V], Bravia Smart Stick [NSZGU1], Android TV G3 [eden], Internet TV [asura], Cube [asus_google-cube], NSZGS7 [NSZGS7], TV G [smartbox], Internet TV [eagle], Android TV [cosmo], Hisense TV [hisense_gx1200v], StreamPlayer [VAP430], HISENSE TV, Vision2_1 [vision2_1], Vidaa [helium3], Vision2_2 [vision2_2], Vision 2.5 [vision2_5], 55H6SG [Vision]
HUAWEI: M220 [hwmediaqm220]
HUMAX TV: B tv smart [BHX-S100]
KAON TV: B tv smart [BKO-S200]
LGE TV: ST940I-UP [tvg2], Smart TV II [stb_catv_cnm], SFR-G8800 [stb_dvb_sfr], Smart Box HD [SH940C-LN]
TCL TV: LE50UHDE5692G [movo], L55E6700UDS [movo_la]
TPVISION TV: Philips Android 2014 [philipstv]