LIVE-to-VOD CDN Recording is taking live-stream-recording a step further! This feature allows you to have your live-streams recorded in one or multiple Live-Channels of your choice and send them into Lightcast's Premium Transcoding right after the event to ensure maximum device compatibility.

You don't want to build your VOD archive with non-transcoded flash files of live-streams as they will not be compatible for publishing to most of your publishing properties/broadcast outlets such as your mobile sites/apps and ConnectedTV apps.

LIVE-to-VOD Server Recording also allows you to save your live-recordings as on-demand files along with meta-information such as title, description, keywords, and assign them to the VOD Channels of your choice.

All-in-all this is the perfect feature to build your on-demand archive ultra-conveniently if you are streaming with a high-bitrate and resolution.