Video Control Center

The Video Control Center in your Account is the place to upload and manage your media. It is a powerful tool enabling you to customize embeddable video, audio and live players and media centers for your websites and social sites. Create and administrate VOD Channels, Audio Channels and LIVE Channels, upload, sort and remove video content and have your video content appear instantly on your website and social sites - without any further programming needed.

Automate your media-flow

Your Video Control Center is the place where the media-flow starts: simply upload your video content in your Video Control Center and will distribute, publish and deliver the video content on:

1. Your Website (or multiple websites if you want to)
2. Your Social Media Sites (your Facebook Page and other Social Sites)
3. Your YouTube Channel (promoting your content on the world's largest video sharing platform)
4. Your Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV and AppleTV Apps (which can build and publish for you)
5. Your iTunes Audio or Video Podcast (your Podcast Channels reaching over 300 million iTunes users)
6. On other apps and channels on Set-Top Boxes
7. Your mobile video website (which builds for you)
8. Your iOS and Android mobile App (if you have one, or you can have Lightcast build you a mobile App)
9. Your friends' and fans' websites and social sites if you let your video players go viral

The all-in-one solution

The opportunities are plentiful and almost unlimited. Take full advantage of all video distribution possibilities today's technologies provide you with. is an all-in-one solution for all types of video on demand hosting and live streaming demands. Just drop us your video and/or audio content and we will dsitribute it locally, regionally and worldwide - utilizing as many video outlets as possible to earn you the maximum possible reach.

Check out the "Packages" page - you won't even believe how cheap it actually is!