Viewer's Viral Marketing distributes your video content accross the web and Video Solutions allow you to build viewerships with each outlet. Video Solutions allow you to build up viewerships on Roku, GoogleTV, Yahoo Connected TV, iTunes/AppleTV, on your website, on your social sites, on your mobile website and on your mobile app.

Excited viewers will always tell their friends about it and "virally" market your brand, content and products through "word-of-mouth" advertising. This type of marketing doesn't cost you anything and it is the most efficient marketing at the same time. Nothing and no-one sells your brand and services as well as an excited customer or viewer.

But how to inspire viewer's to market for us virally? The key is distribution! The wider your video content distribution, the greater your advantage and the more you saturate your target demographics, the more viral marketing momentum your content can build up.

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Learn all the secrets and tricks of the pros, and which marketing tools the largest Channels use to boost their viewerships.

Everything does for you - all web-marketing, social media management, SEO, SEM, video marketing and video distribution - it all builds up to the one goal: to reach more viewers and to inspire them to share their excitment about your content, your brand, your services with friends and family, who in-turn will do the same, repeating this process over and over again.

The key: "more is better!". The wider your reach - the greater your impact!