Solutions for Small Business enjoys serving small and medium businesses. Here is what we found out: most small and medium sized business has similar needs in the area of webmarketing than large corporations have - they need the same stuff, just a lot less of everything. Large corporations are serviced by advertising and marketing companies which manage their accounts and annual budgets. They distribute their clients budgets to various marketing and media companies and assign it to certain campaings according to an overall marketing strategy. This is a luxury small and medium sized businesses could only dream of, as they usually do not have enough budget to earn the attention of advertising and marketing agencies in order to service them at that level.

Lightcast aims at filling that need for SMEs - servicing smaller budgeted entities with all media, web development and webmarketing needs they may have - similar to the service of large advertising agencies - just the a fragment of budget available.

Make your Dollars travel further!

Get it all from one source: we recreate or optimize your existing website, build you a new one with all the social media optimization, search engine optimization and conversion optimization it needs and we develop a webmarketing strategy according to your industry, products, requirements and target groups.

The discounted service packages build a foundation to any marketing strategy in our times. Anything else would be a waste: investing into having a website is like texting, designing and printing a beautiful brochure for your business, just to hide all of the 25,000 printed brochures in the closet. Nobody at their right mind would do that. Most of us would want to have the beautiful brochures distributed to our target audiences, yet, when it comes to webmarketing - many small-business websites are sitting in the dark, hidden in the "closet", unnoticed by prospects, losing business every single day.

An unmarketed website is a bad investment and it would be more recommendable not to have a website at all, if you aren't marketing it, making it visible and accesible to prospects and clients.

Lightcast therefore offers a "wholesome approach" - all type of modern webmarketing from a single point of contact.

The 5 important Marketing Channels Small Businesses need to tackle:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): optimizing your website (on-site SEO) and developing a link-building strategy (off-site SEO).

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): running paid search ad campaigns with the largest search engines such as Google AdWords.

3. Online Video Marketing (OVM): integrating video on your websites, social sites, mobile sites and mobile apps; and distributing your video content through new web-broadcast channels and across the sphere of video sharing platforms.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM): developing and advancing a presence in the social media world for your brand, products, services and media content.

5. Online Advertising: the classic form of banner advertising with two different accounting models
• CPC: cost-per-click and
• CPM: cost-per-mille - the cost for 1,000 ad impressions

How Small or Medium-Size Businesses can take full Advantage of

Send us an email or request a call back with one of our media strategists to discuss your needs and ideas for new media projects, website needs, social media and webmarketing developments.

Select a discounted service package which covers all your needs: take advantage for the minimal upcharge for additional social media, webmarketing and SEO services. Getting it all from one source frees you and your staff up for more important things and makes life easier. might allow you to cut some expenses elsewhere, enabling you to do more for less, by taking advantage of the synergies of video hosting, video marketing, social media and webmarketing service combined. It allows you to save money big time - funds you can invest elsewhere.