Solutions for Education

Distance Learning & Online Curriculums: enhanced multi-media experience for students at home. Surround them with your classroom through streaming media.

Video Support in Classrooms: stream guest speakers to TVs, record and share student projects and presentations, allow students to show off their work on TVs at home to family and friends, access your video libraries on TVs in classrooms with one click while presenting.

Online Campus & Student Communications: provide students with a secure video sharing platform, update students on campus news and announcements across dorms, classrooms, libraries and study areas with video messages with one click.

Workshops, Seminars, Webinars: stream workshops, creative webinar/seminar hybrids, automatically record sessions in the cloud for instant on-demand access, grow the student base, make parents feel updated and integrated, and much more.

Occupy all Screens

Your distance-learning students are surrounded by screens and every screen is screaming for attention: TVs, computers, tablets, phones.

Don't give distraction a chance. Occupy all screens!

Make sure your students have to use every screen at their disposal for their studies:

1. following along the script on their laptop

2. keeping a book open on tablet and e-reader

3. answering exam questions on their smart phone

4. watching you teach on TV allows you to offer your students a multi-media package kit - including lectures streaming to their TVs - the biggest screen in the house, while keeping laptop and smaller screens reserved for scripts, research and exams.