Solutions for Theater & Event Venues

LightcastOVP & CDN Services allow event venues such as theaters, concert halls and convention centers to offer enhanced customer experiences and to increase revenues through ticket sales for remote participants through pay-per-view and subscription-based streaming to TV Screens at home.

Applications of Lightcast Solutions for event venues and theaters:

  • Revenue Increase:
    Increase online ticket sales through pay-per-view streaming events

  • Subscriber Base:
    Build a subscriber base of customers paying a monthly subscription fee for access to selected event-streams or on-demand assets.

  • Second Screen & Language Support:
    Providing a "second screen" experience to attendants through an accompanying live-stream with translations, language subtitles, a program guide or important information to follow along during events.

  • Back Stage Streams & Enhanced Attendant Experience:
    Music Festivals can stream live from green rooms to the stage and to attendants' mobile devices during breaks to provide a glimpse into back stage areas, feature interviews with bands and provide additional PR & social marketing to artists and labels.

  • Digital Signage:
    Stream program guides, sponsor ads and important information to info screens across the venue (in lobbies, hallways, lounge areas, restrooms, back stage areas, buffets)