From A to Z - The Complete Toolbox

From building cutting-edge ConnectedTV Apps, OTT Solutions, mobile apps and websites; to providing you with the best-in-class OVP and intuitive media management system; to delivery of all your bitrate-adaptive on-demand content and live streams; to marketing your TV apps and other publishing properties via social media automation and ConnectedTV Advertising Campaigns; to driving new revenue your way via advertising and subscriber monetization - we have got you covered and will take care of every aspect along the way!

1. BUILD - Sites, Channels and Apps supports you in your research and strategy development. We help raise the right questions and provide solutions for all of them - even the ones you haven’t considered yet.

With decades of experience in OVP & CDN Services and as a trusted partner of choice to the leading OTT / ConnectedTV platforms, we know the requirements of each platform you would like to publish to, and we have the solutions you will need.

2. MANAGE - All Media In One Place

Upload, ingest, archive, transcode, populate, playout, manage, publish, monitor, track, monetize, convert: publishing digital media across multiple platforms in order maximize viewership and revenue growth raises a wide range of questions.

Media management and publishing without limits has never been easier.

3. DELIVER - True Multi-Platform Publishing

From second-screen to digital signage, from multi-campus delivery to server-side playout of 24/7 streams, from dynamic content on your websites to publishing all your media across 55 different Smart TV platforms, set-top-boxes, gaming consoles, social networks and mobile apps - publishing any media to any platform is at your fingertip - just one click away.

4. MARKET - Utilize the Largest OTT AdNetwork provides you with marketing tools and services to accelerate audience and revenue growth.

Utilizing the first ConnectedTV AdNetwork to run your own pre/mid/post-roll ad campaigns with your 30-second commercial across hundreds of ConnectedTV Channels allows you to reach a multi-million viewer audience within days or even hours, directing them to your own ConnectedTV Apps, products and landing pages.

5. MONETIZE - Advertising, Subscriptions, Transactions

AVOD, SVOD, TVOD - Advertising, subscriptions, transactions - whether on-demand or live: we've got you covered. Our turnkey-ready solutions save months of research and preparations, more months in development and launch time, and heaps of money. Use our APIs and developer tools for own web- and app-developers, or utilize our development division to build custom video rental stores, subscription services or ad-funded websites and apps.

If you can envision it - it can be built - including all monetization tools and infrastructures you need to execute on your business plan and revenue strategy.