Transactional Revenue (TVOD)

Different models - easily explained

Allow's Web Dev Division to develop your video platform, video shop or rental store with transactional ("TVOD") viewing or download service. TVOD - transactional VOD & LIVE streaming services differentiate between rental and purchase:

1. PPV - Pay-Per-View: charge your viewers a fee for each time they view/stream an on-demand video or live-event. This is a video rental store or transactional viewing platform. Your viewers will view your live-event or VOD asset at the time they pay the fee.

2. PPD - Pay-Per-Download: charge your viewers for the download of your on-demand video assets to watch as often as they like. This is a transactional video sales platform. Your viewers will purchase and own VOD assets from you and watch them on your website, mobile apps, or OTT properties.

How to build a Transactional Video Platform

1. Build it yourself with the LightcastAPI:

Utilizing your Dev Tools & APIs, you will be able to integrate all your media, your archives, channels, streams into any of your existing, or future, websites or apps with pay-per-view store system integrated.

2. Have build it for you: offers proprietary templates, SDKs and a dedicated WebDev Team to build your own, custom transactional streaming media platform.

Save Time & Money’s App Development Division can advise and consult you on transactional revenue for your video rental store, paid live-events and media download sales, as well as develop all necessary tools, customer accounts and APIs straight into your website, and connect all your live- and on-demand-media to your websites and apps.

Light.Tip: combine multiple monetization models, such as SVOD + TVOD + Advertising, in order to increase revenues.

Advantages of Lightcast's Development

  • We have direct access to your media on our OVP & CDN and integration of your media is much easier, faster, thus more cost-effective for our developers, than it is for any other third-party developer.
  • We have direct access to the LightcastAPI (because we built it) and LightcastDRM applications in order to securely connect your website, customer accounts and other applications to your media.

  • We have done this many, many times. You are not paying for our learning experience, thus are avoiding costly detours and loss of time and opportunities. Time-to-market counts in many cases. Experience and seasoned solutions are key.

The next step: once your monetization channels are up and running – let’s drive traffic to your publishing properties! Read more about “Advertise”.

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