Your Automated Virtual Experience

1. Connect Your Camera & Upload Video Libraries

Use your existing cameras and live-encoder, or download and install the free encoder app to your Computer or Smartphone, and connect it to Lightcast (you can select a server nearest to your location to reduce internet loads).

Upload your Video Libraries of lectures and supporting video materials which demonstrate the topics.

Instantly create different Video Library Channels for different classes and types of content.

2. Immerse Your Students

Occupy all screens! Don't let your students run TV series and YouTube on their TVs while studying!

Instead, make them watch your lectures on big-screen TV through their favorite streaming device, Roku, FireTV, AppleTV or AndroidTV SmartTVs, while keeping their laptop and tablet free to take notes and read along your scripts.

You can control in real-time which content you are publishing where.

Inquire about the COVID-19 Relief Grant for Churches & Non-Profits to receive custom-branded TV Apps, Mobile Apps and WebApp completely for free!

3. Record in Your Lightcast Media Cloud

Create live-stream sessions with your iPhone or camera from home and have them recorded in your Lighcast Media Cloud. Easily creates live-event announcemtns and automatically trigger count-downs on the WebApps and other apps builds for your school.

Your live-stream will be recorded in your Lightcast Media Cloud, where you can trim it to a perfect video after your stream is over.

4. Secure Login For Your Students

Allow your Students to log into your Lightcast-built TV Apps, Mobile Apps and WebApp to watch your subscription-based content. Charge subscription/tuition fee online with automated access control to content you want to restrict to paying students only.

Upload other content you want to make available for free as a marketing strategy to boost students enrollments. Your free content outside of your authentication wall can be published in the same TV Apps, Mobile Apps and WebApp, accessible for free by prospective customers/students.

5. Create Video Classes Within Minutes

Within minutes you can create video classes from your existing video library, or start recording and uploading lectures, or hold live-classes, which you can all sort and manage across your school's own TV Apps (on Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV), Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) and WebApp (All Browsers). Create categories and navigation structures in real-time using the Media Cloud Management System.

6. Instant Live-Class Sessions

The custom-branded WebApp and Mobile Apps Lightcast provides your school with, and launches for you top-level in all major App-Stores, has interactive participation built-in. Whether it is script download, response forms or live-chat - your students will love to engage in an interactive live-experience you are providing, using your Lightcast Tools such as the On-Demand & Live-Stream WebApp Experience.

See what's in your Lightcast WebApp

7. One Easy Workflow

It is all one easy workflow: stream live, record in the cloud, trim, publish as on-demand video and as audio podcast, upload and manage more media, build beautiful navigation structures, categories and series, and increase visibility for your school and engagement with teachers and students.

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