Lightcast at Pastors & Leaders Convention in Dallas, TX

We are looking forward to the Pastors & Leaders Conference at the Dallas Convention Center, downtown Dallas, hosted by T.D. Jakes. The convention will take place this week April 25-27 (Thursday,Friday, Saturday) with an amazing line-up of speakers. Over 8,000 pastors and leaders will be expected and we look forward to an uplifting, encouraging and equipping time for all participants.

Lightcast will be on the vendor-floor assisting Pastors and Leaders with media streaming services and a free consultation on their ministry’s media strategy. We will also be giving away $5,000 vouchers for the development of a custom Roku Channel for each churchand ministry represented at the convention. Participants will find the voucher in their complimentary welcome-kit handed out during registration.

Please visit our booth during the convention and make sure to redeem your gift-voucher and to ask for Lightcast’s revolutionary “Digital Media Distribution System”. It will revolutionize your media reach, relieve your media department of some tedious work-load to free up their time to produce and be creative, and it will take your message into millions of additional homes and hearts!

Look for the purple “Free Roku” banner and for the green apples. See you at the Lightcast booth!

Your Lighcast Care Team