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Build & Control your Navigation Structures with Categories, Channels, Series in Real-Time.
Control Graphics, Metadata, Branding. Customize and Expand Continuously.

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Boost your OTT Viewership! is multi-platform OVP & OTT provider with end-to-end services for the intuitive creation of TV Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Social Apps and the distribution of live-streams & on-demand media to Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, SmartTVs, AndroidTV, Mobile Apps and Websites.

Our award-winning media management system (CMS) the "Media Cloud" allows content producers and publishers to upload, manage, control and monetize all of their contents, streams, files, metadata, image & sidecar files, app navigation structures, across all connected websites, social platforms, mobile apps and TV apps in real-time.

We've got you covered - From A to Z: From building cutting-edge ConnectedTV Apps, OTT Solutions, mobile apps and websites; to providing you with the best-in-class OVP and intuitive media management system; to delivering all your bitrate-adaptive on-demand content and live-streams; to marketing your websites and channels via social-media-automation and ConnectedTV Ad Campaigns; to increasing your revenue via advertising and subscriber monetization - we've got you covered!