YouTube Live Streaming

Stream to YouTube "At The Same Time"

The MEDIA CLOUD allows you to publish your live-events to YouTube instantly, in one single step.

No need to use "one-or-the-other" and lose out on viewerships. No need to exclude platforms. Connect them all and use them all without compromises.

Just point your live-encoder to the nearest SuperPOP (Access Point) of the Lightcast MetaCDN and the Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD will distribute your live-streams to leading social platforms such as YouTube automatically.

Light.Tip: Leverage the power of the MEDIA CLOUD to track your live-stream performance, engage with viewers, automate the marketing of your live events and drive additional viewerships to your live-stream events across all Social Platforms.

Scheduled Events & Meta Data

Your Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD Account will pass on details on upcoming events you schedule in the MEDIA CLOUD to your connected Social Accounts, such as your YouTube Live Channel.

Passing on your meta data, such as event titles, descriptions, event dates and times, will be pushed to your YouTube Live Channel to be displayed on YouTube and maximize the growth of your viewership.