Choose from 3 DRM Levels

The Lightcast OVP comes with three security levels out of the gate:

  1. Open - no DRM security
  2. DRM Level 1
  3. DRM Level 2

Which security level is right for you is determined by your overall business agenda and strategy, the level of copyright sensitivity of your content and whether or not you are monetizing your viewership via subscription offers, PPV or outright sales of your content. If your media contents are products you are selling, then highest DRM security is recommendable. However, there is a trade-off against potential viewership growth. The more restrictive your settings (as in whether or not you allow content sharing via social networks for example), the more you limit viewership growth and virality. If maximizing impact and distribution to as many viewers/listeners as possible, a lower DRM security level may be recommendable. supports all major DRM standards!

Third-Party DRM Service Integration

Already have a DRM Service you are using?

In addition to the LightcastDRM security levels available for each media file or channel, Lightcast’s custom Dev Team will be happy to execute on your unique requirements and integration of your existing third-party DRM service you may already be licensing from. Any common DRM standard can be integrated upon request.