Multi-Platform Publishing

Multi-platform publishing of streaming media and social content

Distribute Digital Media Everywhere!

Once you have invested into producing video content - you might as well make sure that your asset travels as far as possible. Make your audio archives, radio streams, video archives and live-streams travel to more devices, screens, countries, listeners, viewers.

Types of media you can upload, manage and distribute via the Lightcast OVP:

  • On-Demand Video Files
  • On-Demand Audio Files
  • Audio 24/7 Live-Streams (Radio)
  • Video 24/7 Live-Streams (TV)
  • Live-Event-Streams (from your Live Encoder)

Any and all of these media types you can publish to the following platforms using the Lightcast OVP:

  • Websites - using the Lightcast Player and embed tools
  • Websites - using the LightcastAPI
  • Mobile Apps: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Social Platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Cross.TV, any other via API or Social Distribution Service
  • OTT/ConnectedTV: Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV, GoogleTV, Samsung SmartTV, LG SmartTV, OperaTV, XBOX, PlayStation, ChromeCast, Apple AirPlay, iTunes, Google Cast, any other via API

Along with each live-stream and on-demand media file you can enter, store and deliver metadata, subtitles, thumbnails and cover artwork/graphics of your choice. More about metadata under "Metadata Management".

Delivering your videos to the social media world is vital. It extends your reach greatly. You want your video content displayed on your website neatly organized, yes, but you can have it featured on your social sites and on video platforms as well - all at the same time, with one single upload to the server network, comfortably through your Video Control Center.

Request a call back for more information or contact us via our contact form and check out the discounted Service Packages, to find out, which social media service is already included in certain packages.