Intelligent Media Player

As a client you receive complimentary video integration tools, such as customizable, intelligent media players and media centers for your VOD and LIVE video delivery.

We have put over half a million USD into the development of cutting-edge, reliable and customizable media players you can customize and use absolutely free of charge. With our innovative media players and media centers you can integrate your VOD content and your live streams seemlessly into your website, making it look like you invested 50 grand or more into the development of your own media players and media center solutions.

All players and media centers are absolutely ad-free and free of related videos or watermark branding. The player screen does not link anywhere, or open any third-party website in the viewers' browser.

What to look for

When integrating (embedding) media players on your website it is highly important to look for a solution that is:

1. Not advertising for other brands and products

2. Not promoting videos from other companies (especially competing companies and products)

3. Not opening a new browser window (or replacing your website) with a video sharing platform, stealing your valuable website visitors.

Plenty of features

Here are some of the main features of Lightcast's intelligent media players:

  • Ad-free and no related videos
  • Custom-brandable with your own branding
  • Watermark display: display a watermark of e.g. your TV Show and put it on all your videos.
  • Subtitle / Caption overlays
  • VOD Archive Menu - optionally on the player as slide-in menu, or outside the player to the left or below the player. The VOD archive menu displays all your videos of that particular channel with thumbnails, video titles, description and upload date. Media centers (video menu outside the player) have a search function, allowing your viewers to search for specific keywords or terms connected to your videos.
  • Social media sharing features: allows your viewers to share the videos straight to their Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites with one mouse-click.
  • Automatic Bitrate-Switching: the intelligent players measure your viewers' bandwidth (at their location) within the first split of a second and automatically deliver the video quality which fits their available bandwidth. The viewer's bandwidth is being measured continuously throughout the video viewing and the video quality is upgraded or downgraded seemlessly (without rebuffering) whenever the available bandwidth changes on the viewer's end. More details about Lightcast's advanced multi-bitrate video delivery technology under "Premium Video Encoding", "Video Hosting" and "Content Delivery Network".
  • Responsive & Adaptive: the Lightcast player responds and adapts to all screen-resolutions, device-types and stream-types automatically in order to ensure maximum device compatiblity.
  • Ad-Insertion Support: the Lightcast player supports the insertion of pre/mid/postroll video ads through ad-feeds from approved Ad Networks, such as the ConnectedTV Ad Network or YuMe.
  • 3rd Party Embedding: You can allow viewers to re-embed your video content on their websites and social sites – through the retrieval of the on-player embed code – in order to extend your media’s reach by leveraging the traffic on their websites. This can hold potential for a very dynamic viewership growth and it can ignite viral marketing of your content. You have full control over the re-embed permission settings through your Control Center and you have the right to change to allow or disallow re-embedding of your media players at any given time.

There are plenty of other features of the complimentary media players and media centers. Request a call-back for more information or contact us via our contact form. One of our Lightcast Media Consultants will be glad to activate a 30-day trial or a Service Package for you, so you can explore the complimentary media players and media centers for yourself.