MONETIZE with Lightcast

Monetize your growing viewership by using different revenue strategies and new opportunities. Whether you are donation-based as a NPO, or you need to sell your content at a subscription fee - we have the most suitable solution for you. Looking for advertising revenue but let down by video ad networks? Read about how to cut out the middle-men to increase your share of the advertising revenue.

Maximize media revenues. Optimize your "return on media":

Advertising (AVOD)

AVOD, ALIVE - pre/mid/post-roll video advertising. Get paid for your viewership!

Transactions (TVOD)

Charge viewers for access to on-demand assets or live-streams on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis.

Subscriptions (SVOD)

Charge subscribers a monthly fee for access to your premium content.

AVOD - Advertising Revenue

You have options! The choice is yours:

1. Serve video ads of your own direct advertisers and sponsors. Set your own prices and collect revenue from them directly. The AdServer will allow you to upload, manage and serve your own video ads across all of your media publishing properties: websites, mobile apps, OTT / ConnectedTV Apps and social apps.

2. Become an approved publisher with the first ConnectedTV AdNetwork and get paid the big bucks!

3. Integrate ad-feeds from leading video ad networks on your web players, mobile apps and TV apps.

SVOD - Subscription Revenue

Build residual revenue streams through subscription services for your live-events, linear live-streams (24/7), or on-demand archives.

Charge a monthly fee of your choice from subscribers for accessing your premium content accross all your media publishing properties: your websites, mobile apps, TV Apps (OTT / ConnectedTV) and even social apps.

Building reliable revenue streams you can count on will provide you with the freedom to grow and accelerate your media business. Learn how.

TVOD - Transactional Revenue

There are plenty of website templates and store systems / eCommerce tools which offer the backend for pay-per-view transactions.

Using Dev Tools & APIs, you will be able to integrate all your media, your archives, channels, streams into any of your existing, or future, websites or apps with pay-per-view store system integrated.

Business Plan: Find Your Ideal Strategy has all the technology tools and services available to build, and to integrate, any monetization model into your websites, mobile apps, social apps and TV apps. But there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to your business plan and revenue strategies. You may not need to monetize your media assets. So let's clarify a few questions first:

What are the goals of your multi-platform publishing strategy? Presumably to maximize viewership growth. Correct? But why build a growing viewership? Is it to:

  • Spread a message? (you may not need monetization)
  • Educate and inform the public? (you may not need monetization)
  • Promote your company’s products and services? (you may not need monetization)
  • Monetize your content via advertising?
  • Monetize your content via subscriptions?
  • Monetize your content via PPV transactions?

Or all of the above? If the later three are part of your business plan, then you landed on the right page.

Now – honestly: how many other OVPs and CDNs have asked you these questions in order to assist you in finding the most effective solutions to your goals and strategies?

Discuss all monetization options with one of our Streaming Media Specialists and develop a revenue strategy that is right for you and will build your media business on a solid and sustainable foundation.