Media Statistic Center

This “best-in-class” video reporting tool enables you to follow the development of your worldwide audiences with an interactive and intelligent user interface.

All your viewers, across all your websites, apps and social sites in one place. No more logging in and out of numerous accounts and platforms to compile viewership reports! Drill down to countries, states, regions and cities, on device-type and platform, at any given day. And simply export your reports the way you need them.

Monitor detailed viewing time of your selected channels or single videos, live-events or linear streams, Roku Channels, FireTV Apps, AppleTV Apps, Samsung Smart TVs, mobile Apps, websites, social sites and other publishing outlets.

The world-map-view provides an immediate overview of the viewership in each country around the world within the selected time-period.

The line chart, area chart and pie chart views allow you to display growth-trends and the performance of your content and your publishing properties.