Solutions for Multi-Site Event Streaming

The LightcastOVP & Meta-CDN can be used for low-latency streaming to off-site / multi-site locations of event venues, sports facilities, churches and schools - enabling audiences in multiple locations to participate in the event at the broadcast location.

The applications are numerous, but over the past years, multi-site / multi-campus streaming has become a popular expansion strategy for schools, event venues and houses of worship around the world in particular.

Cost-efficient CDN Strategy

While fiber-optic point-to-point connections between broadcast location and satellite venues are still the most recommended setup, the cost-efficiency of delivery via a high-performance CDN has become increasingly attractive.

The Lightcast Meta-CDN offers a multi-site service package which covers the complete supply chain of necessary services:

1. OVP & Media Management System with automated Cloud Recording, Cloud Video Editing, Transcoding and Meta-Data Transmission

2. Seemless integration with leading Live Encoders

3. Cost-efficient decoder solution for satellite locations

4. DVR Player and Satellite Control Center allowing each satellite venue to cue into the main stream and sync the broadcast start with their local event program

Multi-Site Delivery does not have to burn a hole into your budget. Request a free consultation on cost-saving multi-site solutions for your specific requirements.