Facebook Live Streaming for Professionals

Simultaneous Publishing to FB Live

While Facebook Live Streaming was created for Facebook users to briefly share moments they experience from their smart phones, Facebook Live can also be utilized professionally through an OVP (Online Video Platform which is capabable of pushing your professional live-stream from your live-encoder to Facebook via a multi-platform CDN.

On the Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD simply authorize the MEDIA CLOUD software to push your live-events to your Facebook page or profile while publishing it on your websites, mobile apps and TV Apps at the same time. No need to send multiple streams or to exclude viewers on one or the other platform.

Your website remains your main point of contact and conversion for your viewership, but just like using OTT / ConnectedTV to publish your live-streams in order to grow your viewership further, social media platforms like Facebook can provide additional viewers you may otherwise miss out on.

Drive your Facebook viewership to your website

Build your viewership where you can convert and monetize in the most controlled way: your own publishing properties. But leverage social media platforms as additional publishing channels in order to connect additional viewers with your message, brand and services.

It's not just about numbers. It is about connection and conversion. Your viewers on Facebook belong to Facebook. They cannot be monetized by you unless you direct them to your own publishing properties - your websites and apps which you control. Make sure to direct your viewership to your websites, apps and landing pages.

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