Linear Streaming (24/7)

There are three types of linear streams:

1. Ingested Linear Stream: just point your live-encoder to a CDN SuperPOP (Access Point) and have your linear stream delivered everywhere: all platforms, websites, devices, mobile apps, TV apps, social apps.

2. Non-scheduled "VOD-to-LIVE" linear loop: define one of your Lightcast VOD Channels as the source for a linear stream which is auto-populated on our MEDIA CLOUD and loops endlessly. Create, update and change your playlist of VOD assets any give time. Read More.

3. Lightcast Cloud-Scheduler: use our cloud-based 24/7 scheduler to drag and drop your VOD assets into a schedule grid and create a scheduled linear 24/7 feed through our MEDIA CLOUD's playout system and integrate your linear stream on all your websites, mobile apps and TV apps. Create ad-breaks with your own commercials, or your sponsors, or have the engine auto-fill your ad-breaks gaps between scheduled TV Shows automatically with your defined filler videos.

Cloud-Based 24/7 Scheduler's 24/7 Channel is an innovative video delivery product, which allows you to create a 24/7 stream out of your uploaded on-demand video content, simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a schedule, assigning them to a certain "broadcast time".

Filler videos:
The nice thing about the scheduler is, that you don't need to fill every gap between scheduled videos. The 24/7 Channel engine does this for you automatically. Use some commercials, sponsors ads, promotionals or music clips as your "fillers" and our scheduler will automatically fill your gaps with the videos that fit best.

Scheduling made easy:
In order to quickly build a long-term schedule for your continuous 24/7 stream you can copy scheduled days forward easily.

Embed options:
The 24/7 stream can be embedded on any website or social site with Lightcast's customizable 24/7 player, which comes with the 24/7 Scheduler. Integration of your 24/7 stream into your publishing outlets such as your Mobile Apps, TV Apps (Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV), SmartTV Apps or any other publishing platform can be made possibile of course.

Besides these features there are many more sophisticated functionalities available for the 24/7 Scheduler. If you are interested to hear more about it, please don't hesitate to schedule a callback or contact us via our contact form. We would love to hear from you!