Marketing conception

Just like a good "Media Strategy" you also need a good "Marketing Concept". What's your Corporate Design like? How old is your logo, your print marketing material, your website, your social media presence? Is everything up-to-date? Which marketing channels are you already using? Which marketing channels are you NOT using yet? Have you ever had the impression that you wasted resources on marketing, that your return could not justify the investment? What were your "worst" and your "best" experiences with marketing so far? What is the overall concept your team and your vendors are carrying through on all your offline, online and print marketing efforts?

Large organizations and corporations hire outside firms to bring in a healthy "outside perspective" evaluate their current state, develop a corporate marketing strategy and implement new solutions. More and more small and medium size organizations and businesses are turning towards professional assistance from a marketing company. Business and Account Managers are curious to learn more about your company, brands, products, services and goals and develop a marketing strategy alongside with you and your team - one that does not only fit your goals, but also your budget.