Featured Clients

Examples of goals achieved and projects completed, taken from a variety of industries and types of applications:

Delivering 24-hour live-streams from 12 different streaming locations simultaneously, watched by over 1,500,000 viewers in 206 countries.

- Lightcast for the Global Day of Worship, Virginia

Extending the reach of training seminars by 2000% through live-streaming.

-Lightcast for Vemma, Carinthia

Transcoding, storing and delivering over 100,000 community videos to a worldwide community in over 200 countries and 22 language groups.

-Lightcast for CROSS.TV, North Carolina

Reaching viewers in over 50 countries with a local leadership forum through Lightcast live-streaming.

-Lightcast for Rick Warren, California

Increasing attendance by 500% through VOD delivery and live-streaming.

-Lightcast for Drucker Forum, Vienna

Translating 500 hours of television content for multilingual IPTV platforms into German, Italian, French and Spanish.

- Lightcast for The Inspiration Network, South Carolina

Building a Roku Channel Network of 100 channels with multilevel navigation to showcase over 50,000 videos.

-Lightcast for CROSS.TV, North Carolina

Transcoding, storing and delivering over 1200 videos to websites, mobile apps and set-top box channels.

-Lightcast for Morningstar, North Carolina

Building a 24/7 Channel App on Roku and delivering the continuous IPTV signal to set-top boxes and web via worldwide CDN.

-Lightcast for CBN, 700 Club, United Kingdom

Extending the European reach into 9 new language groups through content translation and web-video distribution.

-Lightcast for Joyce Meyer Ministries, Missouri

Developing and marketing a conversion optimized website through social media marketing and SEO to increase online sales.

-World Tour Golf, Graham Enterprises, South Carolina

Increase of online viewership by over 1854% within 12 months.

-Pure Passion, Mastering Life Ministries, Tennesse