Free WebApp - Virtual Live Experience

Receive a free WebApp with Lightcast Power XL or higher - for all your streams and on-demand archives - stylish, in your branding, all your content in one place.

The WebApp is the automation dream come true! It automatically populates beautiful thumbnail galleries from all of your Channels / Categories and Sub-Channels / Series, loading all of your Video Playlists and Audio Playlists.

In addition it automatically loads all your live-streams for your programmed Live-Events and Linear, 24/7 Streams. Basically ALL of your content in one place.

The WebApp is an application-style landing page which you can interlink with your website (seamlessly in both directions), which can be loaded with current version of any standard browser on any desktop, laptop or tablet. It is opimized for viewing on desktop screens, laptop screens and tablet screens.

It also serves as an SEO measure and drives traffic to your website with direct links to your home page, online store or specific landing pages if you like.


Here are some highlighted features your Lightcast WebApp comes with (you can pick any or all):

  • All your VOD archives
  • All your 24/7 Streams
  • All your Live-Event Streams
  • Live-Event Count-Down
  • Live-Chat for your Live Events
  • Your Facebook Feed
  • Instant Donation
  • Your Audio Podcast to listen & subscribe
  • Instant download of all TV Apps & Mobile Apps to the viewer's other devices
  • Viewer Feedback Form sent to your email address
  • Backlinks to your Website or Online Store
  • If you have Lightcast EasyPay SVOD: Subscriber Registration & Login
  • If you have Lightcast LivePPV: Customer Registration & Login
  • ...and many other features

Check out a live example of the Lightcast WebApp:

Note that all links back to your website, to your online store, to donation and payment, all VOD libraries and live-streams, all sidebar features, your Facebook feed, are all customizable and all your media content, metadata, graphics, backgrounds and gallery images, and navigation is controlled in real-time via your Lightcast Media Cloud Account.

Your ROI-Optimized Monetization Site

The WebApp is also your Subscription Sales Site where Subscribers can register to subscribe to your paid content offerings, sign-in to update their subscription preferences, and sign in to watch all of your subscription-based content as well.

Your WebApp can combine both free contents and paid contents, and can be customized to reflect your website design or branding.

Your WebApp can also monetize viewerships through varios other built-in monetization services including:

  • pre-/mid-/post-roll advertising (AVOD)
  • ad-sponsors, using Lightcast's multi-source ad-serving service
  • your own internal ads for product sales
  • include an online giving service if your organization can receive donations
  • Live-Event PPV sales

Inquire on your free, multi-functional Web App and start designing, uploading and monetizing today!

Request a free call-back to help answer any questions you might have: