Solutions for OTT / ConnectedTV

The LightcastOVP specializes in multi-platform delivery and OTT / ConnectedTV publishing.

Publishers of live-streams and on-demand content can use the LightcastOVP and media management system to publish all media to any OTT / ConnectedTV device on the planet - including the leading platforms such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV, Opera TV, PlayStation and XBOX.

The top OTT platforms alone reach over 250 Million viewers in North America, with viewerships in Europe, Asia, Australia and Central & South America growing fast.

Covering all requirements offers a variety of services and covers the complete supply chain of all requirements for successful OTT publishing:

1. OTT app development

2. OVP & media management system

3. media delivery via its global high-performace CDN

Discounted Services for Lightcast Clients offers OTT / ConnectedTV app development services at a discount for users of the LightcastOVP:

1. Turnkey OTT Portfolio: all your OTT and mobile apps built and launched for you in the leading OTT App Stores at a discounted monthly cost

2. Discounted rates for custom app development of OTT / ConnectedTV Apps based on unique requirements and custom concepts

3. Custom OTT / ConnectedTV App Development for use with other OVPs and CDNs

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