Advantages of OTT Advertising

Target customers with precision

Lifestyle and passion are the demographics of the future. Target motivated buyers according to lifestyle, immediate goals and purchase-driving passions.

No more guessing demographics based on ratings. Why bothering about old-school demographics like gender, ethnicity, age or education level when you can target anyone who is passionate about your products?

Reduce spending on TV Ad-Buys

Pay only for actual ad-views, not ad-placement. No more worries about estimated viewerships based on ratings which are based on market research.

Trust the facts and monitor the exact number of ad-viewers in real-time. Pay only for real viewers.

Monitor your viewership in real-time

Know your ad viewership! 
Retrieve real-time viewing stats, geo location, device types, channels and more.

OTT Advertising combines the powerful impact of big-screen TV commercials with the advantages of hard-fact and real-time viewership data of online advertising.

More control = more ROI

Start, stop, resume, change campaigns at any time. Manage your commercials and campaign settings in real-time through your advertiser account.

No more dependency on manual labor of networks and stations.