Advertising Revenue (AVOD)

Get approved by leading ad networks

As Publisher you are pre-approved with leading video ad-networks. Allow us to get you started and do all the paperwork and legwork for you.

We will turn your publishing properties AVOD ready and integrate pre/mid/post-roll video ads on your OTT / ConnectedTV properties, web players and mobile apps.

Sit back, relax and collect your ad revenue every month.

Cut out the middle-men

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Maximize revenue by cutting out the middle-men. Receive video ads from leading advertisers and brands directly without having to pay numerous agencies, sub-agencies, sub-sub-agencies, media-buyers and networks of ad-networks, just to get paid pennies on a dollar.

The ConnectedTV AdNetwork enables both advertisers (those who buy advertising airtime) and publishers (those who sell advertising airtime) to cut out an entire chain of expensive “middle-men” who increase the costs for advertisers, and reduce profits paid out to publishers.

It's easy to get started!

By connecting publishers to advertisers directly, the ConnectedTV AdNetwork help both advertisers to save, and publishers to gain - tons of money!

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