OTT Marketing Channels

Imagine your beautiful marketing video content watched by new prospective customers on their TV in HD, with the sound filling living rooms through stereo systems.

The most impactful form of video marketing

Now you can upload and publish your entire video archive of product videos, promotional videos and marketing videos to TV Screens across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond.

Running your own Marketing Channel on established TV Apps on Roku, FireTV and AppleTV through's Media Cloud allows you make this happen in a matter of minutes!

The fastest form of video marketing

After investing into the production of marketing videos - a process we know can be extensive - it is all about maximizing their impact through distribution.

The Lightcast Media Cloud allows you to publish to your OTT Marketing Channel in real-time and to reach millions of additional viewers with your marketing and product videos by leveraging the existing viewerhip of established Channels on Roku, FireTV and AppleTV.

It takes only a few minutes to set up your own, custom-branded Marketing Channel within an existing ConnectedTV App which already caters to your ideal customer demographic, and publishing of your media is a one-click process and instant.

All your product- and marketing-videos on millions of TV Screens around the world - instantly and at the lowest cost imaginable!

The most cost-efficient form of video marketing

An OTT Marketing Channel through costs a fragment of a full, custom OTT solution, but its marketing-effect is even greater, as you are placing your VOD archive in front of an existing viewership on someone else's established Roku, FireTV or AppleTV Channel.

No worries about bandwidth cotsts. The costs of your Marketing Channel is a monthly flatrate fee and can even be subsidized by advertising to further lower the monthly costs.

Apply for a Marketing Channel today. Select "Marketing Channel" as your interest on our Inquire Form a call-back time of your choice. One of our OTT Marketing Specialists will call you at your selected time and discuss all options with you.

How it works

1. Inquire with on an OTT Marketing Channel to receive login credentials, sign into your dedicated account and start uploading your video archives.

2. Select an OTT Channel which is most related to your industry and which already reaches your ideal customer profile. Choose from the extensive portfolio of Special Interest Channels of our OTT Advertising Partner "ConnectedTV Ad Network".

3. Upload your Corporate Design Graphics for your custom Marketing Channel Thumbnail with your logo.

4. Monitor your viewership as they begin to watch your videos in your Marketing Channel - published top-level in your selected OTT / ConnectedTV Channel on Roku, FireTV and AppleTV.

5. Watch how your new viewers begin to convert into new customers via your websites, landing pages and social media properties.