Content Delivery Network

Take your live-streaming and media delivery to the next level: remove down-time risks and add maximum stability and reliability through a bitrate-adaptive high-performance CDN, delivering your live-event streams, linear 24/7 streams and on-demand media. Upgrade your website media integration to a secure and professional environment with DRM, auto-backups, IP & Copyright protection and your own bitrate-adaptive, custom-branded, dynamic players for VOD, Audio and LIVE.

The Meta-CDN

Aside from its CDN-Core with Storage Centers and Origin Shields, the Lightcast Meta-CDN rides on the backbones of the planet's largest Content Delivery Networks with a total of over 128,000 streaming servers deployed for our Publishers.

With its 72 interconnected datacenters across the globe, strategically located around major metropolitan areas, the Lightcast Meta-CDN offers Publishers a high-end CDN service with all the top-tier professional “bells & whistles” such as maximum redundancy, automatic backups, high-performance streaming, maximum device compatibility, bit-rate sensitive delivery, detailed viewership and usage statistics and the most competitive bandwidth rates in the industry.

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