Upload Service

With Lightcast’s multiple upload choices, it is as easy as 1-2-3 to upload your content libraries. All of these options are available to all clients, no matter the package level:


With Lightcast’s Web Uploader you can upload single video files easily from your hard drive. It is the fastest and most comfortable way of uploading single video files to our server network. There is no software to download, and meta information such as title, description, keywords, as well as channel-assigment, player background image, subtitles, watermarks etc. can be added in just one step during the upload process.

DropBox Uploader

If your content library is stored in your DropBox account, you can easily migrate it over to your Media Cloud with just a few clicks using our DropBox content uploader. Simply connect your DropBox account and begin uploading your video and audio files to the Lightcast Media Cloud.

Amazon AWS S3 Uploader

Publishers who are using Amazon S3 storage services, can connect their S3 storage with their Media Cloud for easy file transfers and synchronization. This makes it extremely convenient to upload large content libraries and batches of audio and video files straight into the Lightcast Media Cloud.

FTP Batch Uploads

Alternatively you can bulk-upload files via FTP to the Lightcast Media Cloud. You just need to install a "FTP client" on your computer and connect it with our "Upload Servers" via a dedicated URL and Login. As soon the videos reached our server network, you can see them in your Lightcast.com Media Archive, and you can start adding meta information, player background images, subtitles, etc.

File Upload / File Transfer Service

Send Lightcast.com a harddrive, thumbdrive or access to cloud storage containing your video files incl. title, description, meta information and instructions on channel allocation.

The larger your archive, the cheaper the upload service per file. Tell us about your file transfer needs from other storage to your Lightcast.com account and we will quote it out for you at discounted rates.

Ingest API

This feature allows experienced developers to connect your FTP servers to ours for automated uploads into your Media Cloud Account.