Payment processing services

1. Payment Processing for Subscription Products

The revenue split for payments processed in conjunction with Lightcast's Central Subscriber & Payment Processing System for Web, Mobile and ConnectedTV integration is 80:20. Our clients keep 80% of all subscription payments and uses 20% for transaction, credit card fees, banking fees, customer support services and licensing for the all applications of the Central Subscriber & Payment Processing System. This spares our clients development investements into their websites, subscriber profiles, databases and merchant services in the range of 5 to 6 figures. You are not obligated to use Lightcast’s Central Subscriber & Payment Processing System. If you have your own subscriber management and payment processing system already integrated on your website, you may provide with the APIs to dock your ConnectedTV and Mobile Apps to your own subscriber and payment processing system. We can provide a requirements & compliance doc and API documentation for your web developers upon request. Please keep in mind that Lightcast’s Subscriber & Payment Processing Service is approved for all mobile and ConnectedTV platforms and that all third-party custom setups are subject to review and approval by each publishing platform (such as Roku, GoogleTV and Fire TV).

2. General payment processing service now offers EasyPay Service to its media hosting and web development clients. The EasyPay Service is designed specifically for not-for-profit organizations, offering an all-in-one payment solution for online donations and product sales.

Accept all cards instantly without any paperwork, approval work or contract. Get started within minutes. EasyPay Service acts for you as:

a. Payment Gateway (Processing Center)
b. Website Integration (Forms, Shopping Carts)
c. Customer Database (Backoffice Control Center)
d. Underwriter (Liability Protection)
e. Security & Encryption Service (Verification & Data Encryption)

The EasyPay Service negotiates and holds the contracts with all credit card companies on your behalf and is paid not by monthly fees or minimums, but by simplified payment structure, based on a percentage of each transaction. The rate is based upon the total payment volume within a calendar month and adjusted monthly.

The all-in-one payment service includes:

  1. Full integration on one or multiple websites
    (no linking away to payment site - no loss in sales/donations)
  2. Integration on Facebook Pages
    (for instant donation/sales conversion on social networks)
  3. Customized donation forms
  4. Customized shopping carts
  5. Recurring payments & continuous periodical donations
  6. Credit card verification
  7. User screening, security and 100% protection veil
  8. Payment confirmation
  9. User backend interfaces
  10. Customer/donor database with access to all account details
  11. Monthly payouts and reports
  12. Flatrate credit card, gateway, processing fee

Additional advantages for Clients with active service package:

- No monthly account fee*
- No monthly transaction minimums
- No additional "per-transaction" fees
- No hidden fees
- No loss of revenue through linking to external payment pages
- No requirement for customers and donors to register
- No paperwork required (instant set up within 15 minutes)
- No approval required & lead "0" time for integration (normally 1-3 months)
- No charge-back fees
- No costs for inquiry and payment resolution
- No credit card contracts with individual cards required

*monthly payment service account fee of $ 39 is waived for all clients with active service subscription.


- Monthly Fee: 0
- Per Transaction Fee: 0
- Volume Fee: 5%-8%

The Volume Fee is a flatrate covering all costs of the above described services for all transactions with any major credit card.
The Volume Rate drops with the total payment volume of all transactions within a calendar month and is adjusted for the following month upon request based on the previous month's total volume:

0-5,000: 8%
5,000-15,000: 7%
15,000-50,000: 6%
50,000-100,000: 5%
Over 100,000: 4%

How the Volume Fee is calculated:
The monthly fee of $39 for the EasyPay Service is waived for clients with active service subscription, thus being included. There are no additional costs besides the Volume Fee, which is a percentage of each amount processed and depends on the total volume of each month, ranging between 5 and 8%. This fee includes absolutely everything - all the costs you will be facing with any fully integrated payment processing solution - costs which are usually billed separately by several different service providers. These costs include:

  • Your gateway provider (transaction fees, percentage fees, monthly minimum fee)
  • The Credit Card Companies (percentage fees, credit card contracts with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other cards)
  • Your Payment Provider (percentage fee and or monthly minimum fee)
  • Your Web Developer (for the integration of backend interfaces, shopping carts, CRM, admin panels, security systems, monthly SSL certificate fees, Verification and Liability)
  • Your Administrative Overhead Costs (charge back fees, fraud handling, payment failure inquiries)
  • All of these costs are covered by the flatrate Volume Fee which drops with the growth of your monthly overall processing volume.