TV App Dev Credit for Non-Profit offers development credits to qualifying Not-For-Profit Organizations for the development and launch of OTT / ConnectedTV Apps and Channels on leading OTT platforms.

What the TV App Dev Credit covers:

Based on the use of the LightcastOVP & CDN development credits given to NPOs range from 25% to 100% of the development costs for OTT / ConnectedTV Apps on leading platforms - up to a full sponsorship of a portfolio of TV Apps.

Apply today: please fill out the Inquire Form to apply and let us know more about your organization and goals.

NPOs which qualify for's TV App Dev Credit

  • US NPOs with the following status: 501c3, 501c4, 501c6 status
  • Officially registered NPOs in other jurisdictions with a status equivalent to the US 501c3/c4/c6
  • Selected VLOGs and startups

Common entity types qualifying for Lightcast's TV App Dev Credits:

Public Charities, Private and Public Foundations, Churches & Houses of Worship, Faith-Based Broadcasters, Social Advocacy Groups, Professional Trade Organizations with NPO status, International Organizations active in poverty relief, disaster response and healthcare in developing countries.