6 Types of Ads You'll Find on OTT Streaming Platforms

Brands and businesses of all sizes can benefit from advertising on over-the-top streaming platforms. OTT streaming is an alternative to traditional broadcasting methods and uses the internet to provide a variety of content to consumers. In addition, OTT allows advertisers to reach a more targeted audience using ads that cannot be skipped. Keep reading to learn what types of brands you can expect to see advertising on OTT platforms.

6 Types of Ads You'll Find on OTT Streaming Platforms

1. Insurance Company Ads

Insurance company giants Progressive and Allstate know the importance of standing out in the crowded insurance field. Advertising on OTT services is a great way to be noticeable in an industry where it can be challenging to be memorable.

Both these insurance providers have information about their businesses online, so viewers can easily click over when they see the ad. Since insurance is one of those necessary purchases that can be difficult to remember, putting the name of your insurance company in front of consumers when they're using a device with internet access is a great way to drive traffic to your site.

2. Home Improvement Store Ads

Discovery announced that Lowe's would begin streaming ads on Discovery+ at the end of 2020. Capitalizing on the boom streaming services experienced during the pandemic, Home Depot started running ads on OTT.

This advertising decision proved lucrative for both retailers, as home improvement stores experienced increased traffic due to a surge in remodeling projects. When individuals are stuck at home watching streaming services, it's hard not to be tempted by ads showing the endless possibilities for home improvement projects.

3. Cellular Service Ads

T-Mobile and AT&T Mobility have been big spenders in the OTT advertising space. The rollout of the 5G network was a fantastic opportunity for these companies to draw in more users. Since OTT viewers have already cut the cord, they're an ideal demographic for these companies to market their high-speed, reliable internet service to since they already see the value in internet-based streaming.

4. Automobile Manufacturer Ads

Car manufacturers such as Ford are well known for their memorable and creative ads. The same heart-warming and cinematic ads that industry heavy hitters like Ford use on traditional broadcasting television work well in shorter formats on OTT services.

5. Food and Beverage Ads

From Domino's pizza to Coca-Cola, food and beverage brands are regular advertisers on OTT channels. In addition, since many food and beverage companies offer online games and contests, their OTT advertisements make it simple for consumers to click through the ad to reach the manufacturers' websites.

6. Online Service Ads

Online services like Noom (health solutions) and Nerdwallet (financial advice) use OTT advertising to promote their services to their ideal consumer. Niche services thrive using OTT advertising since the format makes it easy for them to put their service in front of consumers who will be interested in it.

For example, a service that helps individuals live healthier lives advertising on a health OTT channel will likely receive a better return on their investment than if they were to market their service more broadly. Traditional broadcasting methods can't match this level of targeted marketing, making OTT advertising the perfect choice for services and products that appeal to a very specific demographic.

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