New in the Media Cloud: App Builder 1.0 and more

If you are a Lightcast client with an active service subscription you have now access to the first phase of the App Builder 1.0 - a new Media Cloud Area to manage your app's navigation structure in real-time, such as adding, removing and sorting Channels (Categories) to further control your App's Home Screen, as well as enabling SubChannels/MediaGroups for your Apps, adding/removing videos ads, changing the settings for pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads, configuration of the time-out feature for your linear streams, and much more is to come! This is a one-of-a-kind product in the leading multi-platform OVP, the Lightcast Media Cloud, which will, yet again, set a new industry-standard moving forward.


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Of course, as always in the past you continue to have real-time control over all contents within the Apps via the Channel Managers, such as adding/removing/sorting Sub Channels or Media Groups as additional navigation tiers, and adding/removing/sorting Videos, Live Events, and linear streams.

More new features in the Media Cloud

We rolled out some more new features and extensions we would like to highlight today:

The quick update

Filter and search option within "Add Items from Archive" dialog box and similar dialog boxes

Control of the Share Button in the Player's Embed Tool

Easier selection of a video for simulated live events

Manage your Inactivity Time-Out Feature for your linear streams via the App Builder

Manage your pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads via the App Builder

Want more details?
Get the full scoop of our product update in our support center:

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P.S. Stay tuned on upcoming releases to the Media Cloud, the App Builder and App Frameworks which we are rolling out in the coming weeks!