The 3 Most Important OTT Apps in 2022

The number of OTT platforms is constantly growing. As new players enter the market, it's important to keep an eye on emerging platforms to see where your content should go. Nevertheless, the strongest OTT apps in 2022 are still names you'll recognize as competitors have yet to take away significant market share. In fact, the current top OTT services are expanding strongly into new markets to keep their place atop the ladder. Here are four to use in 2022.

1. YouTube

YouTube is still the OTT king, although it's becoming more difficult to monetize content quickly on the platform. As more creators have flocked to YouTube, the requirements to reach monetization through Google have become more stringent. However, the increase in overall viewership has been a boon for content creators of all sizes. Google monetization is no longer the chief source of income for most channels. Brand integrations and product placement can add more to your bottom line than Google Ads.

It's also a great platform for new creators since it's incredibly easy to get started. Anyone can upload and launch a channel at any time with minimal preparation. Of course, with professional support, you can get your channel to rise faster and monetize sooner.

2. Amazon Video

Amazon Video, also branded as FireTV when you buy an Amazon Firestick or a TV with Amazon's software preinstalled, has risen remarkably in recent years. In 2022, it's one of the best places to publish a channel. Amazon's OTT apps have taken off thanks to the fact that Amazon Prime memberships continue to increase. Since Amazon includes video access with Prime, customers don't have to risk anything to give the OTT platform a try.

A couple of years ago, Prime video was little more than an afterthought for most Prime customers. But now that original programming and custom channels have appeared on the platform, more people are taking it seriously. It's also worth pointing out that no other OTT platform has more potential for growth than Amazon. The company expands relentlessly, a d so too will your audience.

3. Apple TV+

Although Apple TV+ targets a higher-end market, it still has a wide audience that is closing in on 40 million regular viewers in 2022. In many ways, it's the opposite of YouTube. It's more difficult to get your channel approved by Apple, and viewership is smaller, but the monetization potential is immense. High-end luxury brands tend to target Apple content, so you could find some lucrative brand integration deals.

On top of that, Apple's viewers are quite different from those of other platforms. Publishing on Apple TV+ and other platforms simultaneously will ensure you reach a wider audience and increase your monetization potential.

Publish Everywhere

Don't look at this list and assume you should only pick one platform. Ideally, your content would be on all of these and more. With the Lightcast Media Cloud, you can do exactly that. Request a callback from Lightcast or send us an email to learn about our content delivery network and how we can help you publish on multiple platforms.