New in the Media Cloud: 24/7 Schedule and Playout System

New in the Media Cloud: 24/7 Schedule and Playout System!

For all who are using our 24/7 Scheduler in the Classic Control Center: Switch to the Media Cloud and check out the new 24/7 Scheduler. Why?

The new 24/7 Scheduler is built on a brand new system. Scheduling, adjusting, zooming, deleting is as easy as 1-2-3.

It includes 4 display modes including a Full Screen mode to allow more screen real estate for laying out a schedule.

CSV Importer for bumper-to-bumper auto-placement from CSV File is included.

New Feature: Schedule and ingest live-streams into your 24/7 stream from your live-encoder! Check out the Demo Video at:

Embed your 24/7 stream on any website, mobile app or TV App!

And last but not least: Its so beautifully designed!

Check out our 2 mins Demo Video below:

You don't have the 24/7 Scheduler but want to try it out? Reply to this email by June 30th and we will send you a 14-day trial*!

The show must go on! Stay tuned for our upcoming release note which will unveil many more great features in the Media Cloud!

*The 24/7 Scheduler is an add-on for Video Power and larger packages. Please reply to this email or send an email to if you would like to receive a 14-day trial and/or a quote.